Using and sharing our games

We’re really excited for our games will reach folks and families of many walks of life, in many economic zones in the world. We encourage you to contribute to our sustainability by doing the following.

Maintain our information

For all game materials such as PDFs and downloads, we are happy for you to share them directly, and ask that you always include the copyright and contact information on the materials so people can reach us directly.

If the copyright line on the materials specifically requests that you not share, this is because materials are still in development and it’s premature to share them. If you have a specific reason to override this request, based on your understanding of our values and purpose that we are likely to align with, please contact us directly for further discussion.

Vote with your dollars

If you are enjoying our games and are able and want to contribute financially please do so here to support our capacity to sustain our work and the open nature in which we share it; and/or 

Inspire others' generosity

Share our games, and ask the people you are sharing them with to contribute to A Sweet Game Company LLC with this link ( We invite you to tell them why you are moved to support our work to inspire their generosity.

An image is 1,000 words

Take pictures of your game play and share them, then tag us on Instagram (@asweetgameco) or send us an email here.

The combination of these requests greatly contribute to our trust that you care about what we make and to our joy in sharing it freely. Thank you so much!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us.



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We wont be sharing or selling any of your info.