Dust off your miniatures!

A game of Skirmish lasts about 20 minutes


Each player will need

  • Five figures
  • Four D6 (six sided dice)
  • Measuring tape (up to 12″)
  • Pencil (or a Pen!)
  • Sheet of paper

On the edges of two great armies, squads of outriders search for the main enemy force.

This is your story.


How you can explain skirmish to your child

“There’s a couple of miniatures games that take a long time to play and as you grow into an adult you can’t play them as much. You spent a lot of time with those miniatures, making them, painting them. It is nice to still play a game with them without having to take all that time to do so.”

Skirmish on your table

Thank you for your interest in our game. Here you can find the latest versions and how the game has grown over time. If you have ideas about the game we’re very excited to hear from you, we have have community set up just for that!

Skirmish rulebook history

10 Year Anniversary PRETTY ADDITION.

2.0.0 Minor updates to rules and new cutouts.

2.0.1 Changed wording for using the timer.

Our initial release of Skirmish.


Occasional emails about what were up to

These emails will include updates about new releases, ideas we’re working on, and opportunities we are sharing with our local community and network.

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