Stormarines – Skirmisher Set

Skirmisher sets are figurines to be played with our game Skirmish, if you like them and want to support Taos artists, or perhaps because you don’t already have miniatures of your own to play Skirmish with and want to check out these fun cut-outs.

We recommend giving $12 for this set and telling someone about it.

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The Artist (also A Sweet Game founder!) Dustin Sweet

An animation artist from Talpa New Mexico USA, Dustin spends his days walking on gemstones and thinking about imaginary things. With his head in the clouds and his feet firmly on the ground Dustin makes movies, creates games, draws silly pictures, and makes loud noises.

About Stormarines

Often imitated, never duplicated, the Stormarines have been expanding the empire for 50,000 years. 
Each Stormarine is an elite commando who volunteered for these dangerous frontline missions. They are armed with an assortment of small arms and long range weapons from across the galaxy. They are easily identified by their jetpacks and heavy handed symbolism.


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